• Reverend Doctor Dolores A. Watson

Do You Want To Be Made Whole ?

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

He didn’t say who he was but he stood out like a sore thumb. For one thing he was standing erect on his own two feet while, as far as the eye could see, virtually everybody else was either bent over, on crutches, laying on mats of some sort, unable to stand without assistance or in some other form of obvious physical impairment. Irrespective of position, all around the pool were obviously impotent… helpless and powerless unable to effective change their condition. One of the impotent, deeply engaged in thought, eyes riveted on the pool of water some feet away, oblivious to what was going on around him suddenly had his thoughts interrupted by a voice calmly asking “Do you want to be made whole?”

Shocked that he was being spoken to, and even more shocked that he was being seen, the differently abled man raised his eyes and locked eyes with the speaker who was staring intently but compassionately directly down at him! He had absolutely no idea that the person speaking was Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of God. But the man on the mat instinctively knew that there was “something” different about him and that “something” compelled the man on the mat to respond. The man’s response did not appear to answer the question that was asked but it didn’t seem to matter to Jesus because with his eyes locked to the man’s eyes, Jesus told him to " Take up your bed and walk. " And the man got up, picked up the mat that he had been lying on, and walked for the first time in 38 years…. whole in spirit, soul and body!

As long as we live in our human body we will be subject to sickness and disease. However, the more spiritually and emotionally whole we become the healthier we are more likely to be physically. On the one hand, the principle for being made well/whole is simple. the process is anything but simple. That is, if we want to be made well/whole, we need to resolve all past hurts, forgive anyone and everybody who has

ever hurt us, face and resolve every buried negative emotion, deal with and resolve any unconfessed sin, and make our life right with God.

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