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QUESTION: How do you feel about online schooling?

I feel that online school is sometimes good and bad because on the good days I have dance and I like dancing but on the bad it's hard to learn certain subjects by looking at a screen. But however I understand it's for our safety but i rather be in school. - Shakina, 15

FROM: Kca'lib

It's ok, but I don't like it.

I rather be in school instead of being on the computer. - Age: 9


In my opinion I don't really like virtual learning. Here are two reasons why, one in virtual you really don't get to interact with your fellow classmates and teachers. Another reason is the work is too easy, they are not really trying to push you so you can achieve more. These are the reasons why I think virtual learning is very effective. - Age 11


How do I feel about online school? I actually like school but I feel like it's better to do the work when we're actually in the building because we can get help from the teachers and it's way easier. Now virtual is a little easy but then it's hard, it's different because we're not in the school building and we don't get as much help as we do, most of the assignments be hard to do on virtual but in school it wouldn't be hard

- Age16


I think online school is hard on teens because virtual learning isn’t as easy as it seems. We are assigned twice the work than we usually are assigned and should be able to go back to in person learning soon.

- Age 15

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