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Updated: Feb 9

Oil out of an olive

How do you get the oil out of an olive?, she asked. "She" was the wise and seasoned pastor who sat listening intently to our tales of woe about the season of struggle that we were going through. It was a time when the storms in our personal life and the storms in our life in ministry had converged into one powerful emotional hurricane. And we didn’t know what to do. We thought we were doing what God wanted us to do in a space where we were convinced that God wanted us to be. But our prayers which, in the past had given some relief, weren’t doing anything to help us get into a better space. Where was God, we wanted to know? Why wasn’t God answering us? We didn’t care about how oil was gotten from an olive. So her question was perplexing to us. And to be honest, also a wee bit annoying. We were revealing our deepest feelings to her about all that was happening in our life and she's asking us about olives? Really?

" No. we have no idea how they get oil from an olive, we said. "How?" Her response was simple, straight forward and blunt.

All she said was " They press it!" Not understanding what she meant, we continued lamenting. And all she said when we finished talking was "O Great Olive!"

We didn’t know, at that time, that the essence of an olive was hidden, unseen, beneath the outer skin. We didn’t understand that the true value of the olive, its ultimate worth to the grower could only be seen, WOULD only come out, AFTER the olive was crushed; after pressure was applied.

There are and will continue to be painful, hurtful, stressful, pressure filled life storms. Some "storms" are caused by our present actions. Others are residuals from our past actions. Still others come simply because we live in this sinful world. It matters not the source because ALL are under the watchfulness of God

Almighty. So we live our lives being fully aware that storms will indeed come and we will continue to struggle under the pressure that accompanies each one. God is after the “oil” in me….and in you. O Great olive

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